This site was 🤔 designed and 👨‍💻 coded with Visual Studio Code on a 💻 Mac over the course of a couple of weeks in July and August 2021. It replaced an embarassingly unresponsive and inaccessible 👎 site that didn't reflect what a website should be in this the year of our Lord twenty twenty-one.

It's hosted on Vercel for free, amazingly. It uses Nuxt to handle the build process, routing and a few other useful things like content. Otherwise, the JS is all vanilla. Apart from Normalize.css as a CSS reset, it's all hand-coded SCSS. It uses semantic HTML markup as much as possible, although the page content is written in Markdown (because it's great).


The Cookie Monster eating some cookies in slow motion

This site doesn't use trackers or set any cookies because I have no reason to track you or store anything that could do that locally. ✌️ Feel free to drop me an email or a tweet to say that you dropped by though. 👋 If you visit a page with another site embedded (possibly Twitter) then that may set one.

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